Birds love suet all the time

Even though we’re coming into what’s called the Dog Days of Summer here in Ohio, the birds never tire if eating Attractor suet. It is especially nice that Attractor suet doesn’t melt in the hot sun! Wild birds love it!


Woodpecker Fledglings

It’s that time of year when Woodpecker fledglings are out with their parents, being fed their yummy suet.  It’s kind of funny that the baby could easily get the suet from the feeder, but sits there while its mom or dad feeds it.  They love their Attractor suet and their woodpecker feeder!

Woodpecker activity slows down

Now that the woodpecker fledglings are out on their own, activity has slowed somewhat at my woodpecker feeders.  I have 5 woodpecker feeders hanging on a pole in my “test area.”  The woodpeckers still prefer my original feeder design, but then so do the starlings.   🙂